Christmas on the Farm


This weekend we are celebrating Christmas on the Farm at my work place. It’s an event our family has volunteered to work for several years, but this year I stand proudly as part of the seasonal staff. It’s really the perfect part-time job for a student/mom who hasn’t worked in about a decade. Not only do I get to spend time with a fun group of people, but I am also easing my way into the schedule of a job. A job filled with laughter & stress. Albeit not a lot of stress since my main responsibility is working with the public as an interpretive guide.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I’m a certified interpretive guide through NAI (National Association of Interpreters)? I mention this to point out that even stay at home parents can update &/or learn new skills.

Anyhow, tomorrow the staff & volunteers will spend the day hosting an old fashioned Christmas filled with carols, cookies, cider, & flaming pudding. It’s going to be fabulous. However, there’s more to the event than this….we will also teach the public about life in the 1870’s as well as how appreciate nature.

Hence the tree in the picture. This tree sits in the visitor’s center & serves as a reminder to feed the birds & care for the wildlife during the harsh winter. It is decorated with wool, pine cones, feathers, & preserved critters which had passed naturally.

History, nature, & education intermingling in perfect harmony….beautiful.