Amazing Women

I know many amazing women, but this morning I woke thinking about five in my family who make me want to be a better person. There are others of course within and outside of the family, but for the sake of space I’ll limit it to these five.

First there’s my mom who showed me how to be a good mother and wife. Who sacrificed her dreams for her girls and no matter our faults has supported or tough-loved us when it was appropriate. She and my dad insisted on raising three super independent, headstrong, non-submissive to anybody women, and they certainly got the job done!

There’s my sister who is an amazing mother and wife. She is a rock star investigative reporter, writer, speaker, and presenter. When she walks into a room or people hear her name the corrupt quake because they know they are doomed. Plus how cool is it to say, “I have a sister who works for NPR”?

Plus there’s my baby sister who has shown me how to live life to the fullest and dismiss challenges as just playthings to step over. She is an amazing single mother who has brought awareness to others that we don’t need a man to help run a family, but through patience when the perfect one comes he will complete the family. She also showed us all that despite challenges in life it is possible to get that college education and earn an amazing job. I’m so thrilled that I get to spend 2 weeks this summer making her sick of seeing me.

Then there’s my daughter whom I am glad isn’t raising any children, yet. 😉 Her womanhood has only begun, but she is already stronger and smarter than any woman I’ve ever met. Not only does she pursue her dreams she lets no situation get in her way. This is the girl who can shoot a pistol at close or far range with accuracy, educate the young and old with effective compassion and toughness, and accomplish anything she sets her mind to finish. I am now learning more from her than she is from me and that is an amazing accomplishment for a mother. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Finally, there’s my sister-in-law. The first since the death of my grandparents-in-law to accept me despite my faults, and I love her for that which means I’d give my right arm to her so she could beat the fool that irritates her. She is also filled with a love that I only wish I possessed. In her personal and professional life she shows people how to get along by being a living example. This amazing lady supports her husband fully even through the lonely nights of being apart. As a result of seeing a larger need she started a support group for trucker’s wives and now provides comfort across the nation. For her no boundaries within love exist and her life is a reflection of this belief. Today she and her husband are celebrating an amazing marriage and I can’t wait to tip a glass in their honor.

Who are the amazing women in your life that deserve a shout out?


Finding passion


One of the greatest things we can do for our children is to help them find their passions in life. Sure it would be easy to sit at home & watch television, or push book work in the hope of inspiring greatness at school, or force our kids to participate in our personal passions, but easy isn’t always right.

There is something to be said for encouraging our children to own what they do. One way to do this is to give up what you want & to let your children lead. In other words, let go of a little control. For example one of my sons loves to fence. He also enjoys exploring the old arts such as tanning his own deer hides & learning how to blacksmith. These are not interests of mine. Actually I find his interests to be messy & expensive, but I encourage him nonetheless. Really, how many moms would allow & yes encourage their children to store the heads of deer in the fridge just to ensure the brains don’t spoil before the tanning process can begin?


Because I believe that our children are uniquely individual & they are not perfect mirrors of their parents. These young ones which we have been blessed to raise are going to become their own people eventually anyway. So I feel that it is imperative to allow our children to explore their interests under the shelter of home. This way if something goes wrong they will have a safety net to bounce ideas from.

So tonight instead of working on my homework I’m watching my son play with swords. Okay, okay there’s more to it than that.

Tonight I’m supporting my very patient & methodical son learn a tactical sport which may or may not directly benefit him later.

Tonight I’m just a mom supporting her child.