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Time is short


This weekend my middle child is beginning the last year of his childhood. I’ve already helped one child transition into adulthood so I have a pretty good idea what the upcoming year will bring. It’s going to be a year of helping this up & coming adult fine tune his current interests & goals.

I know that these interests may not be sustainable. Actually his current goals may not even be feasible. However, that doesn’t matter because this year my primary goal will be to nourished his dreams.

I believe that dreams are more important than the “normal” path. The dreamers are the people who create new technologies, new ways of thinking, & new solutions. It’s the dreamers who challenge the rest of us to examine ourselves & common beliefs. I would honestly rather raise dreamers who work hard than to raise workers who only dream hard.

So this year I will encourage my son to reach for his dreams. Who knows, maybe his dreams will change all of our lives for the better.