Nice Timing On The Blog Posting By Adam Rex: How I Make a Picture Book

For the past several weeks I’ve attended meetings detailing how to create a picture book.  It’s led by a young author waiting for her first books to hit the shelves.  In the meantime she shares her tips with other aspiring authors.  We receive homework assignments, learn how to see the elements of picture books, and receive personalized suggestions for improvement of our own stories.

This week I was told that my creative essays had a creepy Coraline feel, a story by Neil Gaiman.  It was recommended that I check out several of his picture books and study the plot and emotional elements of those stories.  So imagine my delighted surprise when a librarian on the LM_NET listserv suggest a blog posting by illustrator Adam Rex about how he illustrated one of Gaiman’s stories. 

It’s an excellent post that details how he goes through the process of visualizing what the author created.  There’s almost an apology for getting a little to technical, but that’s the portion I like best.  He took the time to provide the deeper details our workshop author points out about the elements of the picture book.  Together his blog and her class helped me better visualize the complexity of writing for children.

Adam Rex you can be as detailed as you want anytime.  Thanks!


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