Union of Cycling Joy & Celebration


With the end of the BAK and the beginning of the celebration I ran into a young man wearing a tuxedo cycling shirt.  Complete with a spoke flower  and buttons on the tail, this shirt and the wearer’s smile spoke to the joy and marriage of belonging to a large group if cyclists.

I’m certain I’ll return to the BAK topic often.  It was an experience that simply happens and then ends.  Much like marriage the BAK and cycling in general links people of common interest.  We love the challenge of seeing how far we can travel using two pedals.  There’s a collective effort to help and ensure the safety of other cyclists because when there’s more of us vehicles tend to actually see us.  Plus knowing that someone is a century rider or long distance cyclist demands a mutual respect.  It’s a camaraderie created through self-imposed adversity.

Yep, the tuxedo cycling shirt was a great celebration shirt.  NICE!


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