Home Town Welcomes (@2013_bak)

Today’s highlight was Caldwell, KS.  After a moderately difficult 9 mile ride against the wind I was treated to small town hospitality found in The Nostalgia Nook.


Outside the store cyclists were treated with inexpensive sandwiches, carrot sticks, drinks, and power bars.  Inside we were provided with air conditioning and grandmotherly care.  


The Nostalgia Nook is a quaint antique store with a small coffee/sandwich shop in the back.  Several years ago the town’s local diner burned down, and the owner didnt want to start over after 20+ years of business.  So the owners of The Nostalgia Nook invited the diner owned to share the back room of the antique shop. 

It’s a great combination.  The little cooking area offers good ol’ fashioned coffee as well as skillet fried hamburgers, and cold cut sandwiches.  I’m not sure what else they serve because there isn’t a price, but with the grocery store across the street I bet you could order just about anything you remember being served by your grandmother. 

As for me I just wanted a veggie sandwich.  I was expecting a couple of pickles, a tomato, a slice of lettuce, and a couple rings of onion.  What I received was so much more and it only cost me $1.50. 


However, it wasn’t just the food that made my experience special.  The owners treated us like family.  We were welcomed to draw water from the kitchen sink, take cubed ice from the top freezer, soak up the air conditioning, and partake in grandmotherly advice to stay safe. 


Caldwell was so welcoming and invited us to visit again several times.  Its homey feeling made me a little sad to leave.  If I ever have another opportunity to visit I believe I shall.



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