Knowing When to Call it a Day

My cycling day with the BAK started just before 7a.m. & ended at 4:30p.m.  The temps topped 100 & the cross winds were brutal.  We went through the Gypsum Hills and honestly I didn’t find them too challenging.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of hills, but these were different.  For every up hill struggle there was a neck breaking 30+ mile per hour down hill joy.


It wasn’t until afternoon that I started feeling down.  Actually it started when I began fighting 30+ mile headwinds.  My head starting feeling prickly and I began to get the chills.  As soon as I made it to Attica I pulled into he SAG stop & told them about my chills.  They noticed the goosebumps.  I already knew it was time to call it, but they confirmed my thoughts.  So I relinquished my bike & rode back in luxury. 


Now it’s just time to rest & enjoy the band playing for the cyclists.  Tomorrow is another day.



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