Elves on a Shelf


I’m rather amused by this fairly new ‘Elf on a Shelf’ interest.  Last year when I first noticed the holiday trend my only thought was, “seriously?”.

Our family inherited 4 shelf elves nearly 20 years ago.  I have no idea how long they had been gracing shelves before we began hiding them in between & on top of our books. 

To be honest they are a little creepy.  The newest elves look to be as equally creepy.  However, the creep factor doesn’t deter me from setting them out every year.  Actually I like creepy, macabre things so those little elves sitting & watching people walk by…well that’s right up my ally. 

Even my teens like the little elf dolls.  Actually they just like to prop them up in odd spooky positions to see who can creep out whom the most.  Geez, I love my teens. 

However, I’m fascinated by these new over priced elf dolls.  (BTW I’m frugal so everything is overpriced.).

If you have recently purchased one I’d love to know why & how it is used during your holiday. 

For example, I have a friend who is using her elf doll to prank her normally macho boy who likes to frequently prank the family.  She has inserted wires into the arms & legs in order to make its poses more ominous.  Her son was already a little creeped out by the doll & she’s hoping to build upon his feelings. 

I’m not sure if that’s the spirit in which the author of ‘Elf on a Shelf’ wanted people to experience when they looked at the doll.  However, if it’s memories she was hoping families would create then it would be safe to say that families are certainly creating something!


One thought on “Elves on a Shelf

  1. Renato Pea says:

    This is just the kind of thing I’ve been searching for! Excellent and thanks!

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