Finding passion


One of the greatest things we can do for our children is to help them find their passions in life. Sure it would be easy to sit at home & watch television, or push book work in the hope of inspiring greatness at school, or force our kids to participate in our personal passions, but easy isn’t always right.

There is something to be said for encouraging our children to own what they do. One way to do this is to give up what you want & to let your children lead. In other words, let go of a little control. For example one of my sons loves to fence. He also enjoys exploring the old arts such as tanning his own deer hides & learning how to blacksmith. These are not interests of mine. Actually I find his interests to be messy & expensive, but I encourage him nonetheless. Really, how many moms would allow & yes encourage their children to store the heads of deer in the fridge just to ensure the brains don’t spoil before the tanning process can begin?


Because I believe that our children are uniquely individual & they are not perfect mirrors of their parents. These young ones which we have been blessed to raise are going to become their own people eventually anyway. So I feel that it is imperative to allow our children to explore their interests under the shelter of home. This way if something goes wrong they will have a safety net to bounce ideas from.

So tonight instead of working on my homework I’m watching my son play with swords. Okay, okay there’s more to it than that.

Tonight I’m supporting my very patient & methodical son learn a tactical sport which may or may not directly benefit him later.

Tonight I’m just a mom supporting her child.


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