The child rat race


Once a week I get to experience what I refer to as my least favorite day. It’s the day when several activities occur within a 10 hour period. Each activity runs me around within a 40 mile radius with very little room for traffic jams or delays. First there’s debate, then music lessons, & last scouts.  

Now three activities may not seem like a lot, but it takes about 40 minutes one way to travel to 2 of the events. This to is like loosing 2 1/2 hours of the day. Thankfully I have a teen who needs to work on driver’s ed, but it’s still frustrating. That’s 2 1/2 of lost cooking, cleaning, reading, or homework time. Actually anything would be better than sitting in a vehicle for a couple of hours. However, I know that this will not last forever.

I know this is temporary. The boys will not be home forever (I’m actually on the 1 year count down to having another driver in the house & 3 1/2 years to having all adult children). Wow! Where has the time flown? It’s like watching the road…at first it seems to go on forever, but eventually there’s an end and then suddenly the destination is met. I guess I’ll continue having my crazy activity day for now. My motherhood journey is not finished yet.


One thought on “The child rat race

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