Reading the Right Book the Right Way


This picture came across Facebook the other day, and I thought, “how so like me”.

Sometimes I really struggle with reading. It’s not that I have trouble reading or the fact that I’m a meticulously slow reader even though both can be true depending upon the book I’m reading. Instead, I know I struggle at times because of the book itself. If I’m bored or disinterested a book can become a chore. Personally I hate chores. Reading is supposed to be a joy as well as informative. Of course there are times we have to read for required learning, but even then we should be able to find some joy in the process. So I try to locate complimenting reads. If one is a required bore I try to find an engaging companion. Something that will help me understand the importance of the boring concept that I have to learn. That something might be a book, article, video, or audio recording. Multimodal learning is okay. As a matter of fact it connects with what we already do in our everyday lives. Reading should be just that, a normal ordinary event.

So the next time you’re bored with a book try a companion.


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