And the Scholarship Donor is…..OOPS!

Sometimes life presents little funny moments that are worth sharing.  Today the university I attend awarded scholarships to 130+ students and recognized 7 outstanding professors. 
At the end of the awards, the university also recognized the scholarship donors.  I’m glad for this portion of the recognition because it was nice to see who generously awarded the funds I will receive in the fall.  However, at the beginning of the donors’ recognitions there was a slight bit of confusion, and thankfully it was only apparent to a few participants.

Two of my kids joined me for the ceremony.  Their support for Mom was sweet and appreciated, but I think perhaps I should have reminded them to turn off their phones.  Just as the first donor was asked to rise my youngest son’s baseball coach called which caused his phone to vibrate,  and he rose to leave so he could take the call in the other room.  The timing couldn’t have been planned any better.

So here’s how it went down:
Donor’s name announced, teenager rises, audience claps and smiles at very young “donor”, teenager is oblivious,  actual donor stands then sits then stands again to be recognized, and Mom slides down into her seat as people giggle when they realize the mistake.  Oops!

When my teen came back to the table, I told him what happened and added that this means he is destined to become a college scholarship donor.  Yeah, I don’t think he appreciated the insinuated requirement. 


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