Twitter Chatter

As I am working toward finishing up this very busy semester I began wondering what it looked like through my Twitter feed.  Please keep in mind that when I started this semester I had about 20 Tweets and now I am in 225 range.  Since tweets should reflect activities, interests, and aspirations.  A quick review of my tweets seems to reveal somebody who is activity engaged in school, librarianship, and youth group activities.  However, what it really reveals is a lack of personal activities.  Hmmm…..I have been contemplating upon these thoughts for a while.  Actually, I’m a little ashamed of myself for become too consumed with finishing my studies, so consumed that I have not cycled or hike for months.  My morning yoga routine has also taken a hit within the past couple of weeks.  The result is that I have become one restless student and mom.  I think it’s time to finish up this semester, regroup, have a little fun, and start cycling and practicing yoga again.  In other words it’s time to change the focus of this Tagxedo!



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