Crazy Grad Mom

Things which make a Mom/grad student panic when she has a 20+ page reflective literature review due.  (BTW this paper is a major portion of her thesis.)


  1. This is a major portion of my thesis and it is due in 9 days!!!!
  2. The husband is out of town on business which leaves Mom at home with three teens to raise and feed.
    1. Well the feeding portion is optional.  They are old enough to cook and shop for themselves.
    2. However, Mom still has to prevent bloody battles which ensue due to silly disagreements such as whose turn it is to do the dishes.
  3. Since the husband is out of town with the other vehicle Mom has to taxi everybody around.
    1. Thank goodness for the oldest teen who can drive herself to her college classes.
    2. BTW she is in high school so Mom can’t just run away and ask her to raise her brothers.  Please refer back to 2b for that reason.
  4. Two out of three of the teens have a total of 16 sporting events to attend in the next 9 days.
    1. Of course these events occur within an hour of each other at entirely different locations.
    2. BTW there’s no family nearby to dump all of Mom’s problems off on, but thankfully there are friends and coaches pitching in.  —probably to help prevent a total melt down.
  5. All three teens have scouting events and Mom is in charge of a portion of a scouting district.
    1. BTW the teens are camping 2 weekends out of the 2 weekends Mom has to work on her paper, and Mom is signed up to go to both campouts.  Don’t get me wrong I love to camp, but right now is really not a good time.
  6. Our poor elderly cat is ill and requires 3 treatments a day for the next 8 days.  Ugh!
    1. Once again thank goodness for those teens!
  7. Mom took not 1 not 2 but 3 graduate classes this semester, so at some point she must work on the other 2 classes.  Goodbye sleep!
  8. Mom has writer’s block!!!!!!!!
  9. Last but not least—-Mom was a little nutty before this semester but now she is seriously holding onto her sanity by just a thread!



Please let me give another Mom a little advice before tackling graduate school while raising a family.  CLOSELY READ THE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS!  As women and Moms we are already on the brink of having super powers because we have to juggle a thousand things, but if you don’t watch it you could stumble upon a class which contains enough kryptonite to crack your resolve.


Crazy Grad Mom signing off for now…..


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