All wet

You know it’s going to be a rough day when you wake up and the first thing through your mind is schoolwork.  Honestly, the assignments within the past couple of weeks have tested my resolve.  Some of these assignments require me to draw from personal and professional experience.  So much has changed since my initial educational program ans much of it is no longer applicable.  Sometimes I’m left in dumbfounded awe.

Then there are mornings which compound the anxiety.  Such as this morning when my kitchen faucet broke.  Well it didn’t just break, it actually tried to blow a hole through my ceiling.  This  was a result of a week’s worth of struggling with the faucet as it kept getting stuck for no apparent reason.  The silly thing just wouldn’t swing more than an inch to the right or left.  It was stubbornly stuck in the center.  So of course this morning when I tried to move it with a little more diligence the end simply snapped off, resulting in a powerful stream of water shooting into the ceiling.  Which then dripped onto my son’s drum set and eventually pooled on the floor.   However, to add insult as I was on the phone with my husband explaining what had happened I forgot he couldn’t see me and I  brainlessly turned on the faucet again.  Well at least I was standing directly in front of the shooting spray of water this time.  Yes, I was as mad as an old wet hen.

Thankfully, the whole day wasn’t a loss. I have two wonderful boys who replaced my faucet so I could concentrate on finishing an assignment I’d been struggling with for over a week. 

It’s good to have mechanically inclined kids.  It’s also good to get past one more school project.


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