Tough Semester

I’m not sure if other graduate students hit that brick wall of thinker’s and writer’s block, but I seem to have hit it with full force.  I have 3 assignments due by the end of next week and I am really not certain I have the strength or brain power to complete any of them.  What’s worse is that these are 3 major assignments.  (My husband would say that I claim every assignment is major and perhaps he is right.)


Anyhow, what I have noticed within the past 2 weeks is a decline in my concentration and writing skills.  Neither of these declines makes me very happy.  Honestly I seem to have lost my spark for studying and perhaps that is due to a major decline in cycling which is due to a larger than life school load.  This causes me to reflect on my ability to meet my goals this semester.


Did I take on too many classes?  I didn’t think so at first, mainly because I’ve taken on larger work loads in the past.  Do I expect too much out of my work and now that I’m just plain tuckered out could I just be experiencing total self-disappointment which is causing my thinker’s and writer’s block?   I wonder if other mom/grad students have hit a similar brick wall within their studies?


It’s funny though because when I tell people that I am in school to pursue a degree in library science some actually think that I chose a cushy program.  I’ve even had someone tell me that I should stop wasting my husband’s money and just get a job in a library.  Considering the source, this would imply that working in a library requires no significant skills.  This would also imply that I should be flying through my classes with ease because learning how to run a library is a brainless endeavor.  Well, I’d like to see each of these people create a 20+ page literature review on the effects librarians can have on writing or explain the importance of  the library using 21st Century technology to promote learning and connectivity!


No, perhaps what I am really missing is quality time with my family, solo cycling, hiking opportunities, and a good old fashion book.    I wonder if there is anyway I could sneak in a little R&R between thesis writing, researching, narrative summaries, and manifestos?


Just 5 more weeks—-I can do this.  Right?


One thought on “Tough Semester

  1. stribble says:

    Yes! You can do this!

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