NCLB’s effect on education

In his 17 Jan 2012 blog entry, “The Rise of State Schools,” Will Richardson simply posted a quote from another blog.  Stated that it summed up what is happening right now and ended the blog with “Amen.”  When I first read through this short entry I was unsure of how I felt about his praise of such a discouraging statement.  Simply, it stated that teachers are compliant, students are essentially brainless, and the elite have fulfilled their agenda.


However, if there was ever a contest for locating the best lesson to teach the importance of reading deeper into the text, this blog entry would certainly qualify for that award.  In order to understand why Richardson praised such an abrasive statement I went to the source, “Universal Public Education is Dead:  The Rise of State Schools.”  Within this article an argument was made against the No Child Left Behind Act as well as the overly used standardized test.  It simply stated that in the past ten years students have been betrayed.


I remember when NCLB was first introduced and how I felt about the entire concept.  In theory it was idealistic; however, in reality I knew immediately that it would be a disaster.  Initially in order to receive funding, there was no distinction between special needs and those who were considered within normal range.  Every child was expected to be on the same page.  As an adult who was part of a generation when mainstreaming was still fairly new, and whose mother worked at the local state hospital, I could see the writing on the wall.  My opinion of bureaucrats sunk lower.  For me that was surprising, because after serving as a grunt in the military I didn’t think my opinion could have sunk any lower.


However, after reading the statement from the original author I was able to fully understand Richardson’s simple comment.  We should be more progressive, problem-solving, and encourage students to become teachers and teachers to become students.


I’ll chime in with Richardson, Amen!


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