It’s Okay to Admit When ‘Your’ Wrong

Today I have been experimenting with a new Web site, Pinterest.  Within this site a user can create photo boards based on any particular interest and then “pin” photos with little comments to each board.  Think of it as a collage of personal interests which are shared with people around the world.

Well as many of us know the Internet can be a really tricky thing and even those who know to double check sources can sometimes trip, stumble, and find ourselves with a virtual bloody nose.  This happened to me when I posted a neat picture of a line of multicolored crayons, each with the color name of “Flesh.”  I grabbed this photo from George Takei’s Facebook page.  Under the photo he included a comment which I assumed was from him.  Do you see where my first mistake was made?


After the photo was “repinned” and “liked” by several other Pinterest users finally somebody commented that the quote was from Dr. King not Mr. Takei.  I was horrified when I double checked the quote and found this user to be correct.  At this point I could have corrected the mistake and deleted her comment, but instead I decided it would be better to simply admit that I made a mistake.

What did I learn?  Double check all quotes and other information!  Plus, accept your mistakes with grace.  We are after all only human.  So thank you Samantha, Pinterest user for keeping me on the straight and narrow within the often confusing world of the Web.


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