>HMO Cell Phone Service


Midwest Voices contributing columnist: Maggie Jackson

Verizon customers beware! The company is more than happy to sell you insurance and collect your monthly fee, but when it comes time to honor your preparedness, Verizon will simply tell you to go to the third party cell insurance company Asurion. Nope they won’t even consider helping you in-store anymore because as one manager explained, it is simply out of his control.

To make matters worse insurance policies may have changed since first signing up for cell protection so the phone may not be as protected as the customer first thought. In other words if the warranty has ended, and even if you have insurance which you thought would cover manufacturing defects, you may find yourself with a phone you can no longer use and the reassurance that you helped fill somebody’s pocket with a little extra change every month.

However, fear not! One employee gave me an affirmative answer to my loop hole solution to simply walk out to the parking lot, drive over the phone, break the screen, and then I could legitimately file a claim. Just be aware that at this point Verizon can only send you to the 3rd party insurance company, Asurion, because they simply can’t help you in-store. Thus the circle of frustration is complete with this company.

I am now left to wonder, when exactly did the health insurance mind-set become a part of the cell phone culture?

Read more: http://voices.kansascity.com/entries/hmo-cell-phone-service/#ixzz1N86D7EHr


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