>Animoto – Schools of the Future

>Animoto – Schools of the Future

One of my classmates created this video about the future of education and I think it speaks very nicely about the direction many professionals are heading toward.

This is only my second semester in graduate school, but over the course of the year I have been pleasantly surprised by what I am reading, hearing, and learning. Just this past week one classmate mentioned how great it would be to create a school with no walls, no limits on how students learn, and no traditional-based assessments. Instead, many professionals are beginning to lean toward standards-based grading. Or in other words, grading students based on how well they perform and meet their own goals rather than being graded on what has traditionally been used, standardized tests and obtuse multiple choice tests.

The world is becoming more technologically savvy and in order to compete we need to help our youth embrace and learn how to creatively and collaboratively use that technology. This is such an exciting time to be a part of education, no matter how you are associated with the pedagogic. We are amidst an intellectual revolution where ideas are being embraced by all people. This has been evident lately as more and more people use Twitter to report the tornado damage and political difficulties. It is time to use these technologies to break down the walls of industrialized educational ideas and open minds to the endless possibilities of creative freedom.

Standards-based grading is a breath of fresh air for educators and parents who have been using or have long felt that assessing students on what they know and can accomplish rather than on what some unknown bureaucrat feels should be known. Based on what I have studied this semester I feel that things are moving in the right direction. Will it take a while before this radical way of thinking reaches main stream education? Probably, but I firmly believe that if all educators and I mean all, public, private, and home work together to improve the quality of learning for all students we will see a positive change in the entire system sooner than later. Which in turn will positively affect our nation as a whole. So folks, let’s work together!


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