Today we dropped Dad off at the airport for his week long business trip in Argentina. So in an attempt to stay connected and get a sense of what he is seeing and encountering we will study the country a bit this week. Our first stop is the CIA where we can learn some basic information. I know this may seem elementary, but sometimes the best way to get to know a people is to get to know the land as well as a few boring statistics.  Hopefully this will lead into a discussion of what types of foods and drinks are consumed.  Food has a way of connecting people across time and distance and I feel that it is one of the best methods of learning about different cultures.  All of this information will be added to the kids’ group wiki page. 

Next we will hopefully get to Skype with Dad and view his surroundings via a Web cam. I say hopefully because sometimes Skype and the Internet aren’t always reliable in the industrial locations of South America. Too bad Skyping will be out of the question tonight as his flight will last 10 hours and it is impossible to chat without incurring a fee large enough to fund a small army of CEO’s.


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