Returning to roots of learning…

Is My Child Learning Enough? – Simply Charlotte Mason

via Is My Child Learning Enough? – Simply Charlotte Mason.

Hmm…  the timing of this blog entry is quite something.  This week one of my college assignments was to discover how to encourage children to ask the questions themselves, not just give rote answers to predetermined questions.  When I first started hs I read the first two books of Mason’s philosophy and followed her perfectly, but then, I, like many others questioned myself since the learning could not be quantitative or seen concretely on paper.  The more I study the more I realize that much of Mason’s philosophy is right on the money.  Perhaps I should read those last 4 Mason books. 

My thought—and this might get me in trouble—but—I am a firm believer that home educators must and should continue their own educations and knowledge of educational trends if they want to be effective home educators.  I don’t mean sign up for a college class (unless you’re like me and you need that structure), but hs educators should read about different educational philosophies, learn about the latest trends, know what colleges and the work places are looking for in young adults, discuss ideas with the experts, and use that information to empower yourself, others, and especially your little ones.  Our kids deserve nothing less.  🙂


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