Done! Splat!

Last night I finished my last assignment for the semester.  What a relief to know that I survived an overloaded set of classes.  It was overloaded due to my terrible ego.  You see before the semester ever began I met with my advisor and asked how many classes the advisor thought I could handle.  I know “advisor” meant well when I was told that one class would probably be difficult and two would be nearly impossible to handle.  I knew deep down inside that the intended message was to take it easy.  After all, I’m a mom of busy teens, my hubby travels for work and I’m left to hold down the fort for weeks at a time, I’m a volunteer and scout leader, and to top the list I had not been in college for over a decade.  So deep down inside I knew the statement was advisorily appropriate.  However, what I heard was a challenge.

My original intention was to take only two classes, but between that statement and the stipulation made for acquiring financial aid, I chose to take on a full load plus one.  Please, let me be the first to tell you those four graduate classes in one semester were way too many for any person to tackle.  But tackle them I did!  I have not received my grades yet, but things do look positive and I believe those early mornings and late nights paid off.  In the future I may tackle three, but this coming spring I think I’ll go back to my original thought and keep it down to two classes. 

After all, I’ve got to loose that almost ten pounds I gained by sitting on my dairy-air studying because next summer the daughter and I are supposed to take off on a 50+ mile backpacking trip.  Ugh!  We have got to hit the trails in January and begin practicing!  Plus, I miss cycling and can’t wait to begin planning my 400+ mile trek which will hopefully take place next year.  Time to hit the books, maps, and social networks for trek ideas!

Anyhow back on topic, when I finished my last class last night I raced over to the Venture/Boy Scout Christmas party where a group of teens were waiting for me with pies and marshmallow shooters in hand.  Gah!  I’m having the time of my life!  I love going back to college and I just love those scouts!

Pie the Scout Leader Christmas Party!


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