Public Speaking and PowerPoint

The nice thing about me going back to college is how it has helped influence my own children to better themselves.  Tonight I was very proud to stand at Boy Scout Roundtable and be a part of the Crew and Troop my children belong to.  I was even more proud because every Monday night is scout night, but it is also Skype night for two of my college classes.  This wouldn’t be a huge deal except for the fact that I’m the Crew Advisor and my husband is the Scoutmaster for the Troop.  When he is on the job I promised to help step up as one of the leaders for the Troop, which he happens to be on a job almost every week now.  A blessing we are not complaining about too much since a year ago we were begging for work, any work.

With our busy schedules this has forced our children to step up and take control of the Monday night situation.  Fortunately we have some really great adult leaders who were willing to help take up due to our slack also.  As a result, my oldest son, who is the SPL for the Troop and the Crew Historian for the Crew, created an outstanding PowerPoint presentation.  It contained pictures as well as the pledges, oaths, and the law which would need to be said during the evening.  My daughter, the Crew President, conducted the opening flag ceremony for the Boy Scout Roundtable meeting.  She was well spoken, authoritative, and very professional.  I most liked the ending when she told the audience they were “At Ease.”  It’s been a few years, but even I found myself immediately following orders and taking on the “At Ease” stance. 

So how did my going back to college help my kids prepare for this night? 

This past semester I have learned how to PowerPoint, wiki, blog better, present, and become a better researcher.  All new skills have and are being shared with my family.  Due to my education, they are receiving opportunities to expand their own.  My children also know how important going back to school is for their mother, and because of that they have stepped up and taken on a lager role with the house cleaning, their school work, and yes even taking charge of their meetings.  I believe that by me going back to school has taught them that even though I’m here, I’m not here to take care of it all for them. 

My kids make me proud, and with their continued support I know I will complete my degree and after tonight I know that it won’t be to the detriment of them.


2 thoughts on “Public Speaking and PowerPoint

  1. Floyd Pentlin says:

    And isn’t it great that you can Skype from almost anywhere. Plus we get to hear about the most exciting events that happen at the same time as class is in session!

  2. nogginquest says:

    Skype really is a wonderful tool. I really enjoy listening to the life events happening in the background when a classmate’s phone rings, a dog barks, or a baby cries. And then of course there’s my crazy life!

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