Kol Safran קול ספרן: Apples for Teachers

Kol Safran קול ספרן: Apples for Teachers

via Kol Safran קול ספרן: Apples for Teachers.

The above link leads to a fun blog entry about how the apple became symbolic to the teacher.  Apparently the apple was handed to the teacher in order to prevent noisy, messy, and hazardous interruptions. 

While reading the blog I could see in my mind’s eye the one room school house with the boys dipping girls’ piggy tails in ink and the passing of notes.  Then one boy decides to use an apple core on the floor to slip up the bully of the class.  Of course he couldn’t use a banana because that fruit doesn’t grow in the area.  Then there’s the exasperated teacher who probably secretly smiled to see the bully fall, but sadly had to discipline the youth who caused the trouble. 

Reading blogs such as this which includes historical accounts can build upon ones knowledge of the past.  It also is an excellent example of why it is important to preserve our heritage and how the library can play an integral part in this preservation. 

This reminds me, if you are interested in seeing history from years past come to life this weekend, December 4th, Watkins Mill State Park is hosting its annual Christmas on the Farm special.  Last year visitors were treated to cookies, Figgie Pudding, caroling, and the joys that come from experiencing an old fashion holiday celebration. 

Just remember to bring your warm gloves, hats, coats, and a smile.  Those volunteers who are dressed up in historical attire will be outside in the cold the entire evening and your smile is what helps keep them warm. 


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