The L.A. Times Examines Libraries | LISNews:

The L.A. Times Examines Libraries | LISNews:

via The L.A. Times Examines Libraries | LISNews:.

First of all let me just say, darn!  I really wish I would have seen this article about how some libraries are reinventing themselves before submitting my most recent research paper.  It would have complimented my paper very well.  Especially the paragraph about connecting the library to teens and the way they learn. 


So what was this article about?  It was about libraries learning how to adjust to the digital age and staying relevant.  Before this semester began I would have been one of those digital naysayers who were going to hold tightly to the traditional library no matter what.  However, after this semester I see how the merging of technology and the library can go hand in hand.  Do I think that libraries should turn completely over to the digital side and forget about their more traditional past?  Absolutely not!  I also don’t think they should end the quiet scholarly persona that libraries have been developed over the years. 


Instead, I really like the idea of libraries offering noisy learning areas along side other areas of quiet, reflective learning.  Areas should be developed where a person can visit to learn in his or her best style. 


Within the article it mentioned that e-books that can be checked out at one library are deleted from the user’s computer after the checkout time has expired.  I really like this idea.  However, I do wonder if the book really deletes itself or if it just becomes impossible to open.  The idea of a download deleting itself is a foreign thought to me. 


I also really like the of libraries become community centers not in the sense of an area to exercise such as the community center where I live, but as locations for people to gather, talk, and learn together.  Much like Grange Halls in small communities in the Midwest provided to the people of yesteryears.  That me wonder if the library might be circling around and transforming in a facility of multiple facilities.  Is the library to become the community center, social gather location, and learning facility all in one?  Uhm…it is an interesting idea.


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