Text Readings for LIS 5240

Woolls Reading:  Chapter 12

So why have a librarian in the school?  Usually the first to meet the budget chopping block, you must market yourself as being incredibly valuable.  Make yourself available to teachers via collaboration.  Observe what students want and provide the appropriate services.  You must go above and beyond what is expected of you! 

This means you must provide extras that nobody else can provide or obtain.  The library must be viewed as a special place to visit, learn, and grow.  When people come in they should feel welcomed, happy they came, and that there is something special to be gained from the visit.  This means the LMS needs to offer mandatory services to the curriculum, service any extra needs of the students and curriculum, provide services that might be needed, provide new services for future activities, provide new material, new databases, new equipment, and provide special collections of interest.   

The reward for providing all these fabulous services is a smile or a verbal thank you.  Rarely will you receive a tangible award and that will have to be enough.  However, you will need to keep track of these little rewards and successes and present them to your boss the principal.  You also need to be thought of as valuable by the students and teachers.  This can be accomplished through collaboration and being helpful.  Remember to offer high quality items and service and make the importance of your library known to everybody in the building.

Justifying ones job has almost become a corporate like challenge, and gone are the days of assuming your job is secure.  Instead, now is the time to prove your worth!

Woolls Reading:  Chapter 14:

I really liked the beginning of this chapter when it talked about the need for collaboration between public and school libraries.  I’ve always thought this was essential to community learning.  If the two work together they can lessen their budge load by collaboratively sharing materials and internet resources.  Plus, students need to be able to use both to learn how to become life long learners.  After all, one of these days they will no longer be in school and will need to feel as comfortable in the public library as they do in the school library.

The chapter also talked about the internet being an essential part of the learning process, and how the LMS can help provide needed skills to help teach students how to discern information and search appropriately on the net.  If a student has not learned how to search, research, and use the internet appropriately by the end of high school that student will have a difficult time adjusting in the workplace. 

The LMS must also keep up with new technology skills and offer them to students and teachers.  Podcasting, blogging and wikis can become incredible tools to advance the learning process.  The days of just reading and helping students choose books and learn simple research skills are over.  The librarian must become a Librarian 2.0 member of the community in order to remain relevant and keep her job. 

Empowering Learners Reading pg 45-48

The LMS must become a leader in the community and help connect families, agencies, and the school together.  The LMS also must be a forward thinker, being a leader is helpful, and present what is possible to help students become a productive part of the 21st century. 

This means the LMS must be a visible and vocal part of the learning community.  This can be accomplished by building strong relationships and providing presentation detailing the importance of the library.

The LMS must also not only provide traditional library materials, but also provide materials that will propel and prepare patrons on how to use the tools of Web 2.0.  Market yourself as being the most important person and you will become a valued asset.


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