LM_NET Posting #1

Carrie from PA on 15 November 2010 sent an e-mail question across the LM_NET loop about how she should handle a school procedure situation which doesn’t seem to be conducive to the learning environment in her room.  Apparently the procedure states that all classroom doors must be locked during class.  She however works in a library with 2 sets of doors, constant traffic, and she’s the only person manning the room. 

Okay first of all, it’s sad that rooms have to be locked during class period.  I don’t remember attending school and the teacher being required to lock the door once class started.  I’m sure this procedure is a result of post Columbine which seemed to destroy the innocence and sense of security in schools.  There will always be sadness in the world, but people should feel safe in their most intimate places.  Learning is intimate, it makes love to your mind and thus should be viewed as sacred.  What a sad, sad state to feel the need to lock doors to keep the outside world from entering.

Second of all, is a library considered a classroom even if it’s in a school?  If not, then does this procedure even apply?  The policy and procedure list of a school is supposed to be like a living document so I’m sure this can be addressed if it hasn’t already been done. 

 I really don’t have an answer for Carrie, but I do have one thing to say about the situation.  In my humble opinion, the library should never be locked unless its closing time.


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