Lori 12 November 2010 posted a question concerning the use of “God Damn” in the book Of Mice and Men.  Two students’ parents informed the school that they are not allowed to read texts which takes the Lords name in vain.  The assistant principal suggested that the students read Great Expectations or Wuthering Heights.  Lori was concerned that the blasphemous words might be located in one of those two books also.  I’m sure she wants to try to make sure that there are no conflicts with the parents and I’m equally certain the teacher and the librarian want to ensure that the parents and students needs are met. 

Normally I do not reply to posts, but I just had to do so this time, because I immediately knew where to look to get the information she needed.  Here is the post I sent to her:


Subject: Re: GEN: Wuthering Heights & Great Expectations

type in the word “God” in the search box to the left.
Wuthering Heights closest blaspheme:

“By God, he defies his mother” and  other “By God” type comments

Total of 92 references to the word “God”  most look to be in the religious context. 

Great Expectations has 11 references.  None seem to be out of context with proper religious usage.  However, what is blasphemous to one is not so to another.

Hope this helps!


Her reply was almost immediate and included a big thank you. 

You’re welcome Lori!


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