Patricia from New York on 15 November 2010 posted a link to a digital form of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Barbara from Australia on the same day presented some additional interesting links.    All links can be found at the bottom of this post.  I have included three additional links of my own.  One concerns Bloom, another concerns Maslow, and the other seems to be from a conference, but it has a lot of great information. 

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Blooms Taxonomy, but it happens to be one of the greatest visual examples of how people learn.  Of course that is my humble opinion, but I also know that there are many who would agree with my opinion.  For example, Bloom’s was briefly taught in both my Leave No Trace Trainers and Master Educator’s Courses.  It is also mentioned several times by guest instructors of Master Naturalists Courses in Missouri.   However, another pyramid mentioned and one that I think is equally important is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 

Both start with a base of knowledge and safety and both end with self-actualization and creativity.  Call me crazy, but I can see the connections beautifully between the two.  One can not learn if one does not feel safe.  One can not be creative if one has not reached a certain level of self-awareness. 

How can we apply this to Library Science?  Well, I think the library happens to be a great place to see Bloom’s and Maslow’s theories at work. 

A library is a place of higher learning and should always provide a feeling of safety and acceptance.  It should be a place to share ideas as well as quietly reflect upon what has been learned.  The library, like a good book and blanket, should hold the patron tightly and provide a sense of compassion and love that isn’t always found in other places.  Then when that person is ready, the library should be the first place that showcases, whether visually or quietly in the person’s own mind, higher levels of thoughts and compassion for others. 

Do I think the library is the most perfect place on the planet?  No, the library has not hit the highest levels of self-actualization and creativity.  Do I think it has the potential of the being the most perfect place on the plant?  Absolutely!  But then again, I’m a book nut. 

Patricia’s post:


Barbara’s post:


Additional links from me:





Conference Document



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