Text Readings for this week

Woolls Reading: Chapter 8

Right to Privacy:
Patrons’ records are to be kept confidential unless a court request is made. This rule applies to children as well as adults.

Defending Right to Access Information:
Parents may and should request that their children not check out a book if they feel that it is inappropriate for their kids. (on a personal note—not every book will not be thought of equally by every family, and families who have a problem with a book should just apply their bias to their own children and not to every child. This is of course my personal opinion.)

There are internet filter available to help librarians block inappropriate content on the internet. However, just be aware that those filters will not stop all material and sometimes they will absurdly block out material that has nothing to do with anything profane. For example, if you block the word breast then your students will probably never have the ability to access recipes containing the words “chicken breast.” There still needs to be a human touch to helping student discern what is appropriate and what is not.

Teach students to understand what copyright means so they don’t break any laws. Schools need to apply these laws to themselves and bend their nonprofit status to the point of being immoral. If we all follow the copyright laws then the authors and illustrators won’t loose out of their well deserved payments.

Check out Library Technology Reports to find unbiased information about the newest technology! http://www.alatechsource.org/ltr/index
It is important to keep up with technological advances!

Eliminate any barriers from keeping kids from checking out material. This will help keep them coming back. Make the library a friendly place to be, not a hostile location of dread.

Selecting Material:
As the LMS, you must decide about which format is best for certain items such as the encyclopedia. Is it better to have print, CD, or on-line versions of certain items. Each decision will be based on how that material is used and how often it needs to be kept current.
It is also important to keep your biases in check while making section choices. ALA’s office of Intellectual Freedom office is available to help with questions of censorship.

Consider what the students need and what could best benefit the curriculum. The LMS should provide kid friendly search engines and database lists to help ease the search for their patrons.

When choosing equipment—remember—-QUALITY!

Acquiring material and Equipment:
Many schools now use contracts and jobbers to help with acquiring material and equipment.

Weeding out material:
Materials may need to be weeded out due to the lack of use, the age of the item, damage beyond repair, or curriculum changes. If the material is no longer of value within the building it is time to discard those items. Have teachers help you make some of the decisions. Perhaps they are unaware of certain materials that could become helpful in their classrooms. However, they could also offer suggestions for updated materials while you are weeding out the old.
A good rule of thumb for weeding out material is:
The material is geared toward a younger or older audience.
Biographies are no longer known to students. (I personally do not agree with this one unless it pertains to celebrities.)
Science/Technology material is more than 5 years old.
Psychology, history, business, education materials is more than 10 years old.
Reference material is more than 5 years old.
Magazine/Newspapers are more than 5 years old.
Pamphlets of interest are more than 3 years old.

Empowering Learners Reading Pages 33-34 & 38-40

This section of reading also supported the reading of Woolls; however, there was one area that really caught my eye. In this ALA booklet, it stated that the LMS is to provide not only for the schools needs, but also to supply the needs of the parents who want to help support learning at home. I have felt that parents too often get left out of the equation of learning. Parents are expected to provide support but are rarely shown how to make this possible. The LMS could certainly show value in her job by becoming that link between school and home. I think that is a link of great value.


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