LM_NET: To ban or not to ban computer time?

On 18 October 2010 a posting by Jaclyn was made concerning whether or not she should ban students from using the computers during the first 30 or 40 minutes of each period to prevent students from playing educational computer games and encourage them to read instead.  She mentions that this is the first year they are having a problem with excessive computer usage.  I personally do not know the circumstances behind why the students are using the computers more than they are quietly reading, but based on what I’ve been studying I could make an educated guess and say that perhaps the reading material just isn’t interesting anymore.  I wonder how long it has been since the library weeded out the parts of its collection that are no longer interesting and added books and periodicals that will grab the students’ attention. 

Jaclyn did mention that the students are playing education games such as coolmath.com.  If this is the case then I personally don’t see a problem unless the students are playing these games week after week and not doing anything else.  Then perhaps a time limit would be appropriate.  However, I’m still baffled that she would be concerned about the students playing educational math games. 


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