LM_NET Post: Teen Read Week Reminder

Stephanie sent out a reminder to everybody on 18 October 2010 that this is Teen Read Week.  It is important to remember to continue to promote reading for fun to teens.  Stephanie included some tips on how to encourage reading among teens.  Whether you have a teen or not, many of the books are perfect for adults and as always, reading for pleasure should be promoted to everybody, not just teens.

  *Watch or download a special video message about Teen Read Week from
author Nikki Grimes at www.ala.org/teenread, courtesy of Zonderkidz. 

*Watch or download a video announcement of the Teens' Top Ten at

*Encourage your teens to visit www.ala.org/teenread and vote on next
year's theme (Picture It @ your library, Feast on Reads @ your library,
or Cloak and Dagger@ your library)

*Tell us what you're doing this week at the Teen Read Week wiki,

*Check out I Love Libraries, www.ilovelibraries.org, which is
highlighting Teen Read Week

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