Des Plaines IL Could Lose Library | LISNews:

LISNews via Des Plaines IL Could Lose Library | LISNews:.

This blog entry is about a library’s economic woe story in the public spot light. 

Apparently the Des Plaines Public Library may close in early December of this year due to a budget shortfall.  The library has asked for a loan and was told that they needed to find ways to cut spending.  One area of correction suggested by the mayor was to eliminate the loaning of CDs and movies.  He mentioned that the library needed to go back to the basics of offering reading material.  The editorial was not very supportive of the mayor’s comment.

Actually, instead of calling the mayor dumb, I think it would be more beneficial to educate the mayor of the reasoning behind the services offered by libraries.  It is true that when many people think of the library they think only of the loaning of books.  However, libraries have evolved to be so much more. 

The library is supposed to a place of research, pleasure reading, and yes even socialization.  What some may not realize is that those CDs and movies may be a form of research as much as they could be used for pleasure or socialization. 

Instead of suggesting that the library should eliminate a portion of the collection, a suggestion of finding frugal ways to add to the collection and promote the use of the library should be given.  However, what this library really needs to do is provide information of its worth.  Obviously this is an area they have not successfully done in the past otherwise the city would be discussing ways to save the library instead of ways to eliminate the institution all together. 


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