Blog Posting: My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain

 My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain

via My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain.

This was a pretty amazing blog entry about how one electronic device can open the world for somebody who is blind.  Austin Seraphin picked up his iPhone in July of this year and found that was a visual access to a world he had only imagined.  With this iPhone he was able to auditorily read the stock market, text messages, Web sites, and apps on the phone.  The only problem he found was with iTunes and he produced a fairly lengthy summary of his disappointment.  However, the most impressive feature he found was the app which allowed him to hear the colors that surrounded him in his world.  He was able to hear the various shades of greens of his plants as well as the colors the sun creates as it sets.  He was amazed and I was amazed just reading his entry. 

As somebody who has never been visually impaired it is difficult to understand what it would be like to be limited by a lack of sight.  However, Seraphin’s entry certainly goes a long way to educating. 

So how could this blog entry be of interest to somebody studying library science?  It has everything to do with the ability to access information.  As a librarian that is our goal, to help people access the information they need in order to make informed decisions and to research.  The iPhone has presented that option to the blind.  It is an amazing piece of technology.  Library may not be able to provide this little device to patrons, but they certainly can make patrons aware of the possibilities.  This just proves the value of the librarian and the library.  They are the keepers, distributors, and access providers of information. 


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