Textbook readings

Woolls Reading:  Chapter 7

 Managing people and having people skills is one of the most important jobs of the LMS.  The LMS is responsible for helping staff prepare for new technology, implement services, and collaborate with agencies outside of the school.  This means having people skills is super important. 

 Another responsibility of the LMS is to help train the library staff in each of their jobs.  This requires the LMS to type up explanatory job descriptions and instructions.  While writing that job description, the LMS should keep a central theme or goal in mind.  This way everybody in the library is working towards that goal.  The LMS should also understand and be willing to take on every job in the library no matter how mundane it may seem.  A great leader is one who leads by example. 

 Collaborating with teachers is also another responsibility role of the LMS.  However, it isn’t just curriculum collaboration that needs to be kept in mind.  The LMS should also keep the teachers informed of the new technologies available to them and their classes throughout the year.  In addition, the LMS must be willing to train the teachers on how to use that technology in such a way that the teachers can in turn train their students.  If you play your cards right, this type of collaboration will also prove to be helpful in the future.  If the teachers and students see how involved and valuable your services are to them, thy just might provide you with the support you might need during future budget cuts.

 The LMS’s boss is usually the principal and having a good working relationship with that person is essential.  If you boss isn’t aware of your skills and what the library has to offer then how is that person going to know you are valuable?  So invite the principal to become a part of the library experience. 

 The library should be a place for everybody including the parent volunteers.  Use them in the areas that need a little extra unskilled attention.  However, keep them in check and make sure none of the faculty or student’s personal information or book choices become a center of gossip within the volunteer circle.  It is important to maintain your patrons’ privacy.

 Make the library a place of learning and social fun and you will have the room everybody wants to hang out and be a part of.

Empowering Learners Reading:  Pg 32-34

 The reading in these three pages basically went over the same information read in the Woolls book.  However, there was one additional piece of information I read which I thought was interesting and that was about flexible scheduling.  I think that this is an excellent idea and can’t imagine why it would not be implemented in any school.  The library should be accessible to everybody all day while the building is open.  To me this is a no brainer.


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