Rowdy or Restrictive? | Wanderings…

Rowdy or Restrictive? | Wanderings…

via Rowdy or Restrictive? | Wanderings….

This librarian seems to have a really good handle on how to deal with poor student behavior.  I think we have all met that kid or group of kids who makes you sigh when they first enter the room.  You just want to wring their necks because they are always full of snide remarks or attention grabbing actions.  This is not just reserved for the library or classroom.  These same kids act that way at scouts and in the real world.  Unfortunately something major will probably have to happen before their attention is grabbed and they straighten up. 

Fortunately there are caring adults out there who will take the time to let these kids know that they the world doesn’t revolve around them and that they need to straighten up.  Unfortunately, telling the parents usually doesn’t do a thing to help the situation and sometimes the parents are part of the problem.  So what do the rest of us do with these kids who need our help to guide them?  Besides chatting with them, accountability and consequences is about all we can offer them. 

Kids with behavior problems and the adults who have to deal with them–it will be an on going problem with no one right answer.


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