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Lizanell on 5 Oct 2010 posted a reminder to all educators that this week is Border’s Educator Appreciation Week.  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/borders-celebrates-educator-appreciation-week-oct-6-10-104268048.html

Even though this is not directly related to libraries it is directly related to how librarians can be of service to teachers as well as the public.  We must always be on the outlook for ways to keep our services valuable, even if that means looking outside our own four walls.


On 5 Oct 2010, Gail posted her concern that the school board was going to take away one of her computers.  She doesn’t understand the reasoning, but this happens to be the computer she uses to catalog and order new books.  She is also concerned about privacy issues since she will be forced to use another computer which is as I understood the e-mail is part of a network of computers the students can access.  My biggest question would be would be about how she is going to be able to efficiently run the library as her computers age and her resources dwindle with apparently little to no support?  Unfortunately her situation sounds another situation of budget cuts.  She is going to have to prove to her administrators that her computer is too valuable to loose and that it will impede her ability to efficiently do her job. 


On 5 Oct 2010, Rhonda posted an interesting collaboration e-mail which proves the value of the librarian.  Her school in Morocco works with schools locally and internationally to connect students in studies.  Apparently in this case, in Political Science studies, this is an excellent example of how the librarian can prove to be a great resource to the entire school.  Not only is she providing a shining example of why her job is important, but she is presenting how important her school is on an international level.  This is another idea I will have to store away for future reference.


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