Evernote shared notebook: 5240 Behavior

Evernote shared notebook: 5240 Behavior

via Evernote shared notebook: 5240 Behavior.

This was an interesting question posed by a librarian about school library discipline.  Most of the comments were excellent.  The one that I thought was very authoritative and rather extreme was the one about holding up a quiet card and then threatening to call the parents if the student even looked up once from a book.  Um, can we say dictator children?  Yikes!  That is a library I would never voluntarily visit.

However, I did like the accountability and conversation comments.  I too would probably converse with the students about their bad behavior and then lay down the rules.  It would then be left up to them to make the choice between behaving and being sent away/banned from the library for a set amount of time. 

I only wish everybody visited the library and acted correctly.  It would make life so easy.


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