LM_NET: Generic Library Lessons

Arlene on 20 Sept 2010 posted a question asking for assistance in locating generic library lessons. There is such a wealth of information online these days and I was able to quickly send her a couple of my favorite links.

Discovery Education offers links every subject imaginable. The Web site even offers a special link for the Reference Librarian complete with lessons on how to teach student how to use a dictionary to how to teach students how to proper cite resources.

The Ready Reference link is: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/referenc.html

I also sent a link to MIT’s free online courses. Even though she is looking for something along the lines of a lesson plan, I think MIT’s link will still be very helpful. Included in these high school/college courses include written lecture, video, and follow-up lessons. I feel that it’s a great source of help if you are in pinch and need an idea, or at the very least need a refresher course on a particular topic.



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