Blog Review: Smithsonian Libraries: Happy Labor Day!

Smithsonian Libraries: Happy Labor Day!

Ah, wonderful memories of youth.  Remember the merry-go-round?  I know I remember spending many hours of my youth spinning around and around and around.  It was all fun and games! 

However, in the Smithsonian’s Labor Day blog post they point out that the merry-go-round wasn’t always used for fun.  It was at one time a water pump.  This later became a child laboring tool.

I know the merry-go-round I played on didn’t pump water, but it does make me wonder.  Would I have happily spun in circles if I’d known it was originally meant for work? 

Isn’t it ironic that the Smithsonian would choose to present a picture of child labor on the day Americans are supposed to take a break?   

via Smithsonian Libraries: Happy Labor Day!.


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