LM_NET: Banned Book Post: Amy Timberlake – The Dirty Cowboy

Last week an e-mail went through detailing a school principal who ordered the library’s copies of The Dirty Cowboy by Amy Timberlake be removed from the collection.  The author of the e-mail sent out a query requesting information from other librarians if they had had any problems with this particular title. 

I’ve never read The Dirty Cowboy, but after an internet search I personally see nothing wrong with the title or story.  Were cowboys dirty?  Well let’s see, they spent days out on the trail without showers so I think the answer to that question is obvious.  According to Amazon, the story depicts the cowboy taking a bath and coming out looking wrinkly.  I remember as a child coming out of the bath with pruny fingers and toes.  Well, I see nothing wrong with this part of the story either.  (By the way, the description adds that the pictures are G rated.)   

So what’s the problem?  Well my only guess is that somebody either has a problem with cowboys or has an issue with kids knowing that people have to strip down to take a bath.  However, my first impression of this type of censorship is ignorance.  Could it be that somebody had not cracked open the book and only saw the title?  Could that person have construed the title as meaning something that it did not?  Unfortunately, this last explanation might be closer to the truth. 

Censorship is usually based on ignorance.  Now, everybody go out and get your copy of this fun book! 

Posted on LM_NET on 24 August 2010 by Cindy

Amy Timberlake – The Dirty Cowboy

via Amy Timberlake – The Dirty Cowboy.


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