Library Media Specialists Wear Many Hats

            During the past week I have learned that the effective librarian is a teacher, an information specialist, an instructional partner, and a program administrator who incites a desire to learn.  Wearing all those hats at once can be daunting, but the well trained and well organized librarian can pull off the job with grace and make it look easy.  However, it takes continued education and an acute analysis of resources available to understand how to offer valuable opportunities to patrons.

           This requres continued understanding of current technological and literary trends in the field of library science.  In addition, the librarian must be aware and know how to coordinate those who will be served, patron traffic flow patterns, circulation policies, effective equipment placement, and the relationship of the library to classrooms.  The librarian is the ultimate logistical administrator. 

            Working directly with the public is essential to librarianship. The librarian must provide an atmosphere which will encourage reading, independent study, skill development, and shared learning opportunities.  Patrons who take advantage of what a trained librarian has to offer can walk away with advanced skills to competently compete in the global digital age.    

            Learning standards have been developed by the American Association of School Librarians to help the librarian be effective.  Those standards help remind librarians to encourage patrons to be inquisitive, think critically, and pursue knowledge.  Then from that knowledge encourage self-actualization through creativity, contribution and aesthetic growth.     All while applying the same standards to self.  The librarian is the professional’s professional, as well as the keeper and allocator of knowledge.

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