E-mails and Librarians

Librarians have their own special e-mail loop which was a recommended as well as a required subscription by a couple of my professors.  Personally, I hate e-mail loops and my first impression of this one was not positive.  This was due to the first e-mail being an advertisement.  The last thing I need in my busy life is to go through, comment and delete advertisements.  After all, I’m going through graduate school to become a librarian, not an advertising agent.  However, one professor encouraged me to open another message and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really is informative. 

Once a week I am required to comment on three different e-mails from this loop.

The second e-mail subject I chose was actually from a series o e-mails about Arthur and D.W.’s initials.  Apparently there is a lot of interest in Arthur and his sister’s full.  By the way, their names happen to be, Arthur Timothy Read and Dora Winifred Read.  I liked this series of e-mails because it brought back memories of when my children were younger.  We used to sit together and watch Arthur along with Liberty’s Kids almost daily.  It makes me smile knowing that Arthur is still enjoyed by adults and kids a like. 

The last e-mail I chose was a book review about Stuck on Earth by David Klauss.  It was an e-mail which provided a synopsis of the book as well as why the author of the e-mail was recommending it for middle and high school students.  It wasn’t so much the book recommendation that caught my eye as it was the fact that this is what book lovers do; we love to recommend books.  We even love to recommend books we hate if we think it might be of interest to another reader.  This is why I love the library field so much.  Librarians are in the know; they are connoisseurs of books and how to find information.  It is an exciting field.  It is also exciting to share information.

I decided to list the first e-mail I chose last in hopes of inciting comments.  The e-mail was from a librarian who provided a 2008 list of books about September 11th.  She is looking for some other books which could be included in a new list.  I’m sure as the tenth anniversary of 9-11 approaches there will be more e-mails requesting similar information.  I thought I would include her list for you to peruse.  Perhaps I’ll receive a few comments about additional books.  If I do, I’ll shoot her an e-mail and be sure to give you credit when adding your ideas to the collective voice of librarians. 

*Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey* by Maira Kalman

*It's Still a Dog's New York:  a Book of Healing* by Susan L. Roth

*September Roses* by Jeanette Winter

*The Little Chapel that Stood* by Curtiss, A. B.

*On That Day* by Andrea Patel

By the way, wow can you believe that it has been 10 years since 9-11?  Do you remember where you were on that day?  I was starting a math lesson with the news radio playing in the background.  My family had visited New York only two months earlier.  We visited again a few months later.  Then as it is now, the absence of those two buildings and what it represents still takes my breath away.


One thought on “E-mails and Librarians

  1. Katie Schmidt says:

    I also responded on the 9-11 email! I can’t believe it was so long ago! I had no idea som many were written about it – it will be a great resource for students to learn about it because they were so young (or not even born yet) when it happened.

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