Body Scanners Just Creepy

Forgive me, but if I have to fly out of KCI, I will be avoiding any airline which flies out of Terminal B. However, if it becomes unavoidable then I’ll go with the standard pat down by a fellow female. Body scanners are just creepy.

The whole system reminds me of the 1980 movie, Airplane. Yes, that’s irrational and no the machines are not clothing stripping monstrosities to reveal all intimate parts, but they are invasive none the less. Pat downs are bad enough, but at least you can look the person in the eye and make small conversation to help eliminate a little bit of the discomfort.

Then there’s the whole possibility of regular X-rays for frequent travelers and removing all metal objects. As a woman, I’d love to ask an official if that includes my bra with its metal hooks? Plus, what about those frequent X-rays? Surely that can not be healthy.

Nope, I think I’ll avoid a body scanner even if it does seem irrational. Better yet, perhaps I’ll just stick with the train, the bus, my feet, a bicycle, a car, anything but the impersonal airline system.

I’m just grateful that our family was able to fly before all this paranoia gripped the airlines. Thank goodness my children were able to climb into the cock-pit with the pilot, examine the controls, ask questions, shake his hand and walk out with a smile and a plastic “pilot wing” pin, without having to go through a body scan.


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