By Maggie Jackson, Kansas City Reader Advisory Panel

Due to all my children’s activities, sometimes it takes a few days to get through the entire Sunday paper. This morning I almost dropped my oatmeal, mouth gaping open while staring at the price of bookends featured in the house and home section.

Don’t get me wrong, I love books and as a book worm I too find bookends to be a beautiful luxury item. After all, my living room walls are filled ceiling to floor with shelves. Our family has a collection, which I stopped counting once I hit about 6,000, of books ranging from Calvin and Hobbes to Jane Austen to Stephen Hawking and so on. Our family takes great pleasure in reading, just about anything.

So when I saw the teaser about elegant bookends in the Sunday paper, I was excited to preview the latest in shelf dressing.

However, $250 for a diagonally cut cube of stained wood?

Perhaps I should go into my backyard, take one of the oak logs ready for burning and put the band saw to good use. A little sanding and staining and vioala, I can sell a pair of vintage looking bookends too. I would even do it for the bargain price of $50.

However, if I knew who in their not so right mind would spend a quarter of a grand on a couple of angled blocks of wood, I’d be willing to double my price. After all, in my circle of friends, we say that’s a person who is sitting on stupid money just waiting to loose it to somebody who knows the value of a dollar.


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