Rambling update of my skiing accident (almost a year later)

I’ve been meaning to provide an update for a while now, but life just seems to get in the way.  So while I have a few moments between dishes and parenting duties I thought I would throw out the past year’s highlights.  In numerical order of course…

1.  The economy went to the dogs which meant we, as well as millions of other people, began supplementing savings in order to stretch paychecks. This lead to a greatly diminished to non-existent savings; however….

2.  The greater amount of time around the house led to a stronger family with a can do anything in difficult times spirit.  In a nut shell—we grew closer to one another which….

3.  Led us to see each person’s individual qualities.  Sometimes always being on the go isn’t a good thing.  If you can’t stop for a little while to get to know each member of your household then you’ve lost much and gained little.  Getting to know each other better can lead to getting to know yourself better…

4.  This way of thinking led me to take a 260+ solo bicycling trip on the Katy Trail.  The trip was a self-awareness and physical challenge.  It became a life defining moment only second to the first life defining moment at the beginning of the year 2009.  Which happened during a ski trip…

5.  At the beginning of the year I went skiing which is something I had always wanted to try, but never had the means.  We are fortunate to live near a man-made ski resort.  Man made snow and probably man made hills, but hey at least it introduces the sport on an economy budget.  Anyhow, during my third day out skiing I hit a patch of slush and flew out of the skis.  It happened so fast I didn’t realize I was in the air until my face was within inches of the ground.  By then I only had moments to react, and I tried to military role my way out of facial injury.  Instead, I hit full on my left shoulder, tore every ligament and popped the collarbone out of place.  When it was all said and done my clavicle was stretching my skin almost an inch above its natural location.  The pain was horrible.  However, the accident led me to rethink where I was in life. 

6.  Which led me to take chances again, reconnect with people I hadn’t seen or spoken with years, write letters, really listen when people talk, explore my interests , and love my family that much more. 

The accident was painful, but life altering.  I could almost go as far as to say it was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. 

I previously posted my 101 in 1001 and that is only a part of the result of my accident.  Everything that has happened seems linear to me.  My life is now more focused.  I know what I want right now and will do what I can to reach those goals.  This includes helping my children reach their fullest potential as well as helping me along the way.  At one time I would have thought helping myself to be incredibly selfish, but not so anymore. 

Hopefully as the days, weeks and months pass I can include updates on my adventures as well as those of my family.  Until the next time, I hope you are living life the fullest and enjoying every moment.  After all, life is too short to live in drudgery.


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