101 goals in 1001 days

Every year or two I put together a list of things I’d like to accomplish. Sometimes that list is just for fun and sometimes it’s a serious “needs” list. This year I’d like to join the 101 in 1001 list project to help a friend cross off one of her tasks. I’ve tried to keep the list fun, simple and very attainable while still challenging myself. I know that if I didn’t have children, this list would look very different. However, as you can tell it centers mostly around my children but is showing major hints at emerging individualism. The kids are growing into young adults and no longer depend fully upon their parents. This means, it’s time for Mom to start doing things on her own terms again. 😉

Enjoy and thank you Monica, @  http://expecttheunexpected.wordpress.com/ , for being brave enough to first post your list.

Check out http://www.dayzeroproject.com/about/ to read about the 1001 Project.

Begin date: January 8, 2010
End date: October 5, 2012

For My Family:

1. Build and maintain a bee hive with my dad.
2. Learn how to harvest honey.
3. Write a cookbook for my children.
4. Ask and convince Grandma to teach me to crochet.
5. Crochet something—anything useful.
6. Guide daughter to the end of highschool.
7. Provide encouragement to oldest son and guide toward completing his Eagle.
8. Provide encouragement to daughter and guide toward completing her Gold.
9. Take one more big family vacation before daughter graduates highschool.
10. Keep in touch with family via snail mail (0/52)
11. Take the kids fishing (0/10) (I am not a big fan of fishing–so this will be a challenge.)
12. Learn to play chess.
13. Take up dancing again.
14. Learn how to play tennis.
15. Learn how the play Frisbee golf
16. Develop all my pictures.
17. Complete Love Dare
18. Make and fly a kite with the kids.
19. Bed n Breakfast it with the hubby. (0/2)
20. Do something special with/for my sisters (0/2)
21. Reconnect or visit a relative I haven’t seen in a while
22. Do something special with/for my mother.
23. Do something special with/for my dad
24. Do something special with/for daughter
25. Do something special with/for oldest son
26. Do something special with/for youngest son
27. Do something special with/for hubby
28. Frame pictures and display them.

For My Friends:

29. Keep in touch better by writing snail mail. (0/52)
30. Pay a visit to one friend I haven’t seen in a long time.
31. Host a simple coffee at home. (0/10)
32. Attend 20th class reunion.

Because I deserve it:

33. Study for the GRE
34. Pass the GRE
35. Start graduate school.
36. Become a LNT Master Educator.
37. Become a Missouri Master Naturalist.
38. 12-5= right (0/12)
39. Complete the Messenger.
40. Spiritual—not ritual
41. Do something out of my comfort zone.
42. Yoga routine—on my terms.
43. Learn to not take what others do and say personally.
44. HS—how we did it.
45. Sketch and keep a nature notebook
46. Try a vegetarian diet for 30 days.
47. Purchase new glasses.
48. Medical exams for all—no chickening out! (0/3)
49. Earn the highest award in the Missouri Conservation Frontiers Program.
50. Finish writing novel.
51. Find publisher for Slug Book.
52. On my own terms…

Home Sweet Home:

53. Build a square foot garden.
54. Learn how to grow cilantro + 4 other herbs. (0/5)
55. Plant and harvest 10 different foods. (0/10)
56. Landscape backyard.
57. Landscape sides of the house.
58. Create a birding area in the back yard.
59. Install a new furnace.
60. Build or have a new back deck built.
61. 12 = 10= vancamps
62. Learn how to dry herbs
63. Rebuild savings—6 month supply (0/6)
64. Create a compartmentalized recycling bin.
65. 12 = 11 = equitruk
66. Restart worm bin.

Giving to Others/Random Acts of Kindness:

67. Help another scout earn the coup of the long trail.
68. Volunteer @a soup kitchen for seven days with the kids (0/7)
69. 100 random acts of kindess (0/100)
70. Help one other person become a LNT trainer.
71. Give 200 hours of community service (0/200)

Just because I can—or just for fun:

72. Read every Louis L’Amour book (0/105)
73. Read every Agatha Christie book. (0/80)
74. Learn to read animal tracks (0/100)
75. Learn how to identify 20 birds by their songs (0/20)
76. Learn the identification and habits of 100 animals, bugs and/or reptiles (0/100)
77. Learn to identify 50 plants (0/50)
78. Proficient with my compound bow.
79. Proficient with a hand-gun
80. Proficiently play the Indian Flute
81. Learn to play the piano
82. Learn to ride a motorcycle
83. Relearn how to use a sewing machine.
84. Create something—anything useful with the sewing machine.
85. Locate a total of 101 Geocaches.
86. Visit 100 new cities (0/100)
87. Blog again (0/100)
88. Write and publish for $ (0/10)
89. Cycle to Farmers Market (0/20)
90. Attend a tea party rally at least once to see what it’s like.
91. Complete the Cowboy Trail.
92. Earn the coup of the long trail.
93. Backpack 50 miles over a long weekend. (0/2)
94. Go hunting again
95. Start learning a foreign language.
96. Learn how to change the oil in the van.
97. Complete a 400 mile cycling trip.

Because the list gods require it:

98. Inspire someone else to make their own “101 in 1001” list. (The only way I’ll know this is if you tell me!)
99. Save $1 for each completed task; donate $1 for each failed task.—let’s see if I come out ahead on this one!
100. Take pictures and post/write about each completed task on the list (0/101)
101. Celebrate the finish of my 1001 days!


2 thoughts on “101 goals in 1001 days

  1. ksgrlnaz says:


    You have inspired me to make my own “101 in 1001” list of goals. #98 is now completed – yea!

    I’m detailing my 101 in 1001 experiences in a new blog I created at http://ksgrlnaz.wordpress.com if you would like to follow my journey.


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