Formal Dance

I took the the two oldest to a Spring Formal tonight.  There are people out there who question whether homeschoolers have social opportunities.  Those same people seem to think that if children don’t attend school they will miss out on dances, dating and other important mile stones.  It’s too bad those people can’t or won’t open their eyes long enough to see that school doesn’t offer the only opportunities to young people. 

My count put the teens at around 50 give or take a few.  They came as couples, singles and friends.  The kids danced until a pile of shoes formed near the dance floor and then demanded another song by stomping their feet to the tune of “We Will Rock You” when the night was over, which the DJ obliged.  A photographer was available with prom type props to take pictures of couples, friends and singles.  He even took a mother and son picture, which I am eagerly waiting to purchase.  

What I didn’t see were cliques.  The kids that would be considered odd at school are cool in the homeschool community.  They wear Rat Pack hats and perform Blues Brothers dance routines.  Swing dancing is fashionable and circles are formed to encourage dancers to display talented and not so talented moves.  Towards the middle of the evening a couple of girls displayed their Celtic dance jigs.  The crowd cheered and clapped with approval. 

It was a very satisfying evening with a really nice group of people.  I dare say, homeschooled kids have figured out how to treat people no matter age, economic, or racial status based on their virtues and nothing less.  It is refreshing and brings a kind of hope that the next generation isn’t so doomed after all.  Here are my thanks to all the wonderful young people tonight.


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