This week I promised to take my daughter to the movie, “Twilight”.  She had previously read the entire series and I thought it would be wrong for me not to at least read the first book. 

It was a read that I probably would have appreciated more if I was a couple of decades younger, but still found it to be delightful.  It certainly is not the type of book I would have read without a little prodding.  Honestly, if I was a teenage girl looking for any Prince Charming, it would meet many of my criteria.  If I was a teenage boy, it would make me cringe knowing that girls were introduced to an unselfish guy who unconditionally devotes himself to the preservation of one non-perfect person.   

The movie may not be Oscar material, but it certainly met the expectations of the girls in the theatre during the midnight showing.  When the lights went out the room filled with squeals of delight and I could feel the floor vibrate under all the shaking and stomping feet.  When Jacob was introduced on the screen there were squeals and gasps, but the appearance of the Cullen’s, namely Edward caused the theatre to erupt in sighing, squeals, and clapping.  I couldn’t help but smile as I was nearly caught up in the electric atmosphere. 

Despite all the bad reviews, the movie in my opinion is a huge success.  If only because it has helped bring reading to households and for two fun hours it introduced a safe romantic fantasy to an age group that is usually ignored.  However, from this mom’s point of view, it was a success because it allowed me two hours of listening to the emotions of idealistic, reach for the sky teens. 


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